Adoption Application

Please read the steps carefully before filling out the application. Note: Since dogs are fostered in our private homes it is not possible to simply “come and meet them.”

Please visit our calendar of events to see when our next Meet & Greet is scheduled.

Step #1: Complete the application below. Please note that all questions marked with a (*) are required fields.

Step #2: Please give us (one) 1 week to review and process the application. Calling and emailing will only delay your application. You should contact your veterinary reference and give them permission to release information about your pet’s health history/records to our rescue representative.

Step #3: Once your application and vet check have been approved, you will be contacted to schedule your home visit.

An AAP volunteer will contact you to discuss a date and time that is mutually agreeable. We prefer that all members of the household be present for the home check. The volunteer must have access to all rooms of the home including the garage, basement, and any out buildings. If access to any of these areas is denied, the application will be automatically declined.

Final Step: Once the application and home visit have been approved, you will receive a call from an AAP representative for a phone conversation to discuss any additional questions or concerns about the new addition to your family.

Note: Our rescue dogs are our number one priority. Therefore, we do not make exceptions to our policies. We reserve the right to refuse an applicant at any phase in the adoption application process.

*Please Review Our Adoption Guidelines Before Completing The Below Application.

Name of the pet you want to adopt:*

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Renters must provide landlord name and contact information in order for application to be considered

Please list EVERYONE in the household including their age:

If you have children, have they lived with a dog before?

If you answered yes above, what will their responsibilities be in caring for the dog?

When we schedule a home visit, what time would be best for you? *

Who is this animal for? *

Why do you want to adopt this animal? *

Does everyone in your home know you are adopting an animal? *

Who will be primarily responsible for the care of your new pet? *

Do you consider yourself financially stable enough to provide proper diet and medical care for a dog, including monthly heart worm preventative and emergency treatment if necessary? *

What behaviors might you be unwilling to work with? *

Does anyone in your household have allergies? *

If someone in the house has allergies please describe:

Do you own any dogs or cats at this time? *

If you own any dogs or cats please describe the following: Name, Breed, Age, and if they are Spay/Neutered

If the above animals are not altered or vaccinated, please explain why:

Have your owned a dog/cat in the past 5 years that is no longer with you? *

If yes, where is the animal(s) now?

Who is your current veterinarian, please list Name, Address, and Phone Number:

Have you ever given a dog away? *

Where will the dog live? *

How will you confine your dog to your property? *

If you have a fence - How tall is the fence?

If you have a fence - What type of fence is it?

If you have a fence - Do you have a doggie door?

If you do not have an enclosed yard, how will the dog relieve him/herself, and exercise?

Approximately how many hours will your dog be alone? *

Where will your dog spend its time when you are away from home? *

Have any of your previous pets run away or been hit in the road? *

Have you ever house trained a dog before? *

If yes, what house training method did you use?

What will you do with the dog when you travel? *

What kind of a temperament are you looking for in a dog? *

Where will the dog sleep overnight? *

What is your idea of disciplining a dog? *

What in your mind justifies giving a dog away? *

Are you aware that a rescue dog may have a history of abuse/neglect and may have behavioral issues that require training? *

Where did you hear about us? *

In the event that your current state of living would be altered (medical, relocate, death) and you could no longer care for your dog, is there someone you would entrust with the care of your dog or would it come back to the rescue? *

By checking Agree, I certify that the information I have given is true and that I recognize that any misrepresentation of the facts may result in my losing the privilege of adopting a pet. I authorize investigation of all statements on this application. If a dog is flying or leaving the State of Missouri to their new home, a $30.00 fee is added to the adoption for a health certificate. All About Paws Rescue does not adopt to homes where pets are not up to date on vaccinations, Spayed/Neutered and on Heart Worm preventatives. We Reserve The Right To Refuse An Applicant. *

I accept