Foster Application


Foster Application

All About Paws Tries to Make Fostering as Financially Feasible as Possible

The rescue pays for all approved medical treatments and vaccinations for our foster dogs. We supply monthly preventatives, collar, leash. bowls, crate, and food. You may be required to purchase some toys, bedding, or other smaller purchases. However, any purchases directly related to fostering are fully tax-deductible. Any driving miles in correlation with volunteering are also tax-deductible.

There is a time commitment.

You may be asked to foster an animal from two weeks, two months, or even a year in some cases, the commitment of a foster is until the dog finds the perfectly suitable home. Foster parents don’t need to be home 24 hours a day. In fact, the majority of our homes work full-time. But you have to consider how often you go out at night or away for the weekend. We do try to find temporary foster homes if you are on vacation.

There are different types of fostering.

We work with each foster home to determine if and when they are ready, and what type of dog they are looking for. Some of our homes can only have laid-back fosters, others can only have female dogs (due to an alpha male in the house), but foster parents are needed in all categories.

For many foster parents, the single biggest concern is falling in love.

You’d be surprised how good it feels to help a foster dog find his or her forever home, with you then being able to accept another in need.

Give it a try!

Application Form for Potential Foster Dog Parents

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    I understand that I may provide foster care only as authorized by AAP rescue and that any arrangements made without authorization will constitute misrepresentation, resulting in my dismissal as a foster care provider. I also understand that I cannot hold the AAP liable for any damages which might be incurred by the foster animals.
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